At Van der Laan & Co we combine a passion for ambitious talent with that for effective organizations and precise processes. Where those three come together is our favorite place to be, both when searching for new C-level professionals from outside as well as assessing in-house potentials. We look at the parts and the whole, where the people and the organization challenge and complement each other.

Broad acceptance, good governance and great implementation are our priorities. We guide and engage with everyone involved, taking their interest and sensitivities into account. We proceed with both our knowledge of the relevant codes and a healthy dose of intuition. We ensure a well-planned landing based on managing expectations so that new talent can have immediate impact.


Executive search is profession where experience is of the utmost importance. Understanding the ropes, building and maintaining relevant networks, building trust, a quick understanding of the essence of what is required and acting upon that knowledge.

It helps that we have lots of ‘flight hours’. Our ambition and the search profession itself ensures that our experience does not become routine. Each contact and each assignment provides us with the opportunity to find the perfect person for the position and the organization, and we go for what we believe to be the best, even to the irritating limit.

Our unique strength is our ability to put forward a truly divers, surprising – sometimes at first sight an uncomfortable – range of talent. This has to do with our beginnings in 100% executive women search. That was how we learned to search where others had never searched and to find where others never found. Although we have left gender exclusivity behind us some years ago, we are consequently still much better able to discover and attract real new talent. Talent that is not standard, but that clearly rises above the rest.

Van der Laan & Co en Partners at Work gaan samen:
met dubbele kracht vooruit

De twee meest toonaangevende executive search bureaus op het gebied van diversiteit, Van der Laan & Co en Partners at Work, hebben hun krachten gebundeld. Vijf ambitieuze vrouwelijke ondernemers zetten hun succesvolle aanpak vanaf 1 februari samen voort onder de naam: Partners at Work