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Diversity practice – diversity management and inclusive culture development programs, internal development and advancement of female executives, masterclasses, in company trainings and management games. 

Our diversity practice is based on a long-term effort to ensure that women executives are considered for and appointed top positions for which they are qualified. Our engagement has also resulted in culture development and diversity management tools and trainings that make the internal growth and development routes for women visible and viable, masterclasses and management games.  

We focus on client organizations who are conscious of the need to balance the males and female innate qualities and talent to produce the best results.  All research done on this subject shows a strong correlation between diversity and a better bottom line.

Our standard way of working is to provide our clients with 50% men and 50% women candidates for every position, unless a client specifies that they have a strong preference for a woman for a vacant function. We have been extraordinarily successful in being finding the right women to fill these positions.

Together with In Touch Women Resource Management, the most experienced and successful partner for training and coaching on diversity and inclusiveness, we are able to assist organizations wanting to instill inclusiveness in their culture; recognizing the value of diversity and embedding diversity in the organization’s strategy.


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Van der Laan & Co en Partners at Work gaan samen:
met dubbele kracht vooruit

De twee meest toonaangevende executive search bureaus op het gebied van diversiteit, Van der Laan & Co en Partners at Work, hebben hun krachten gebundeld. Vijf ambitieuze vrouwelijke ondernemers zetten hun succesvolle aanpak vanaf 1 februari samen voort onder de naam: Partners at Work