On June 1st the Erasmus Centre for Women and Organisations (ECWO) held their annual conference, this year about Women Transforming Business: A Force for Positive ChangeCarien van der Laan, chairman of the ECWO Advisory Board, was able to organize the presence of one of the key note speakers: Harvard Business School Professor Robin ElyRobin is Diane Doerge Wilson Professor of Business Administration and faculty chair of the HBS Gender Initiative. She conducts research on race and gender relations in organizations with a focus on organizational change, group dynamics, learning, conflict, power, and identity. Robin gave a brilliant, insightful review of some of her research on gender equality. Watch the photos

The Erasmus Centre for Women and Organisations (ECWO) is committed to women’s continued advancement into leadership positions across multiple sectors – in large and small private companies as well as public and private not-for-profit organisations. The mission is to make a meaningful contribution to management education, the gender debate, and making an impact on gender in the workplace. ECWO plans to achieve this by contributing to management education pedagogy and content, through actively engaging in the gender debate, and by having direct impact on gender balance in the workforce. Women are innovative, creative and intelligent, and through collaboration, shared challenges, encouragement, and empowering others, they collectively master leadership, build teams, improve communication, and make senior management diversity a reality. Watch the video about ECWO


Van der Laan & Co en Partners at Work gaan samen:
met dubbele kracht vooruit

De twee meest toonaangevende executive search bureaus op het gebied van diversiteit, Van der Laan & Co en Partners at Work, hebben hun krachten gebundeld. Vijf ambitieuze vrouwelijke ondernemers zetten hun succesvolle aanpak vanaf 1 februari samen voort onder de naam: Partners at Work