Our dedication and passion to work with inspirational, future-focused and sustainable organizations is endless.  When we connect the right people to these amazing organizations, we know that we are making magic happen.

It is perhaps with these thoughts in mind, that back in 2012 we began our environmental sustainability tree planting project.

It’s always been our belief that when you get the people part right, an organization’s goals become attainable and the possibilities endless, making way for a sustainable business.

Knowing that our services are contributing the success and future-proofing of our partners, we wanted to celebrate.

The Van der Laan tree planting project

The Van der Laan tree planting project was inspired by our very own name and company logo. Our brand is a beautiful strong tree and our name itself, Van der Laan, “Laan” in Dutch translates to lane, or no lane without trees, I’m sure you can see how our project evolved.

 We wanted to do something good and together with our candidates/clients, not just transferring money to a good cause but contribute to a better living environment and climate in the Netherlands, something you can see here and now, therefore we decided to plant trees every year” Van der Laan & Co Partner Karen Kragt

­­­Each year to celebrate every successful candidate that we place, we plant a tree to represent the occasion.

We have proudly been planting trees since 2012 and so far, we have planted a variety of trees including Birches (Berken), Oak (Eiken), Beeches (Beuken), Alder (Elzen) and Lime trees (Linden).

We plant at numerous nature parks and locations across the Netherlands, locations have so far included:

  • Natuurgebied de Ramenberg, Loenen (via Natuurmonumenten)
  • Parkbos de Haar op Landgoed Haarzuilens (via Natuurmonumenten)
  • Bentwoud (via Nationaal Bossenfonds)

We look forward to growing the Van der Laan tree planting project over the next few years, as we continue to celebrate successful connections between our clients and candidates.


Enjoy some pictures from our recent planting projects.

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