Karen is a driven and inspirational entrepreneur, with a background in Nursing (with honors), Health Sciences and Epidemiology. Karen is responsible for the startup of multiple successful staffing and training businesses, including DOCollege and later DOCS International. Karen held various positions within DOCS including Director of The Netherlands and France, International Business Development Director and Group Director Central Services. She is actively involved as an advisory board member or investor in various startups.

What others say about her:

  • Entrepreneurial background and drive
  • Abiding interest in people: able to strike up a conversation with anyone
  • Bright eyed and clear headed
  • No idea is too wild to be considered
  • Enjoys tackling complex issues and challenges

Career highlights:

  • 1997 Initiator and advisor of the post-graduate clinical research nursing in Rotterdam
  • 1999 Founded DOCollege, later DOCS International
  • 2007 DOCS was acquired by Irish listed company ICON2011 Co-founder of Van der Laan & Company
  • Mentor, advisory board member and/or investor for start-up companies such as ZOCKET
  • Board member of the Utrecht Entrepreneurial Society (UOS)

Karen Kragt can be reached on +31 651 149 984 and k.kragt@vanderlaanco.nl

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