Our Story


We are your people partner today, tomorrow, and in the future.

In 2011, we started Van der Laan & Co.
We began with our roots in executive search and leading the way for diversity in leadership roles.

Together we’ve refined and expanded the know-how behind the science of people.

We know that people are the key enablers for our future and sustainable businesses. Therefore, if you don’t get the people part right, nothing else matters! We embrace this in our mission. We get the people part right by helping others make better people decisions and build better teams.


To date, we have helped more than 250 companies and 500 candidates to harness their people power. This is only the beginning.

Our partner team is driven by building a business that matters. We believe that by developing the people power in organizations, we are helping our clients become future-proof. Today, we do more than executive search – we are reinventing what the people part looks like. We ensure that clients get the people part right. This includes helping both companies and candidates with:


  • Connecting People – this is how we began but certainly not all we offer– we do executive search, talent scouting, and talent benchmarking. We also exclusively place entire executive teams and initiate and organize impact events. Our inclusive network, state of the art ATS system and our proprietary platform make this possible.
  • People Validation – personal talent and competence assessments, background verification, market research, internal candidate evaluations, organization/culture scan, and board evaluations.
  • Diversity Practice  diversity management and inclusive culture development programs, internal development and advancement of female executives, masterclasses, in company trainings and management games.
  • Personal Development career management and market orientations, personal profiling, intervision, training and executive coaching.
  • Recruitment Process Design and Outsourcing – talent acquisition strategy, analysis, process, verification, hiring, and handling

We never forget our roots. With each and every placement, we celebrate and do even more to drive a sustainable future by planting a seedling tree – One for One.

Today is all about personalization and partnership, being thorough and transparent, including data and technology to shorten the time to fill, and working efficiently, creatively and effectively in our people selection process. It’s about smart processes, matching candidates beyond the obvious choices, and ensuring a true fit to cultural and company sustainable goals and objectives. And lastly, it’s about potential, development, and success.

We are your people partner today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Van der Laan & Co en Partners at Work gaan samen:
met dubbele kracht vooruit

De twee meest toonaangevende executive search bureaus op het gebied van diversiteit, Van der Laan & Co en Partners at Work, hebben hun krachten gebundeld. Vijf ambitieuze vrouwelijke ondernemers zetten hun succesvolle aanpak vanaf 1 februari samen voort onder de naam: Partners at Work