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Personal development – career management and personal market orientations, personal profiling, intervision, training and executive coaching.

Personal leadership means determining your own direction and taking the time to (re)orient yourself regarding the market for your talents. It takes more effort than proposing to drop by for a cup of coffee for a conversation with a headhunter. It requires you to actively articulate what your motivation and talents are.  Only then will you be able to recognize those situations and organizations where your qualities will add value and be valued. We would like to support you in this process. We use several supporting tools and work together with career management coaches and experts that are aligned with our mission, vision, and values.

We are certified in the discovery and mapping of personal motivational drivers and talents and (potential) competencies using the Talent Motivational Analysis (TMA) one line instruments. TMA diagnoses 22 talents that are connected to 50 competencies. Reinforcing and neutralizing factors are also analyzed. An extensive report is generated directly, but the interpretation and conclusions are drawn and discussed in a dialogue with one of the certified Van der Laan & Co partners. This usually takes an hour and a half – two hours.


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De twee meest toonaangevende executive search bureaus op het gebied van diversiteit, Van der Laan & Co en Partners at Work, hebben hun krachten gebundeld. Vijf ambitieuze vrouwelijke ondernemers zetten hun succesvolle aanpak vanaf 1 februari samen voort onder de naam: Partners at Work